MicroRNA Expression Profiles Classify Human Cancers

Nature 435, 834-838 (9 June 2005). Published: 2005.06.08

Jun Lu, Gad Getz, Eric A. Miska, Ezequiel A. Alvarez-Saavedra, Justin Lamb, David Peck, Alejandro Sweet-Cordero, Benjamin L. Ebert, Raymond H. Mak, Adolfo A. Ferrando, James R. Downing, Tyler Jacks, H. Robert Horvitz and Todd R. Golub

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Recent work has revealed the existence of a class of small noncoding RNA species, known as microRNAs (miRNAs), which have critical functions across various biological processes1,2. Here we use a new, bead-based flow cytometric miRNA expression profiling method to present a systematic expression analysis of 217 mammalian miRNAs from 334 samples, including multiple human cancers. The miRNA profiles are surprisingly informative, reflecting the developmental lineage and differentiation state of the tumours. We observe a general downregulation of miRNAs in tumours compared with normal tissues. Furthermore, we were able to successfully classify poorly differentiated tumours using miRNA expression profiles, whereas messenger RNA profiles were highly inaccurate when applied to the same samples. These findings highlight the potential of miRNA profiling in cancer diagnosis.

Keywords: microRNA, miRNA, cancer, tumor, differentiation, poorly differentiated tumor


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Supplementary Table 1, probe information supplementary_table_1.xls
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Supplementary Table 3, N vs T predition result supplementary_table_3.xls
Suppl. Table 4, poorly differentiated tumor prediction result supplementary_table_4.xls
microRNA data, miGCM_218 collection miGCM_218.gct
microRNA data, acute lymphoblastic leukemia ALL.gct
microRNA data, for samples with both miRNA and mRNA data Common_miRNA.gct
microRNA data, mouse lung samples mLung.gct
microRNA data, poorly differentiated tumors PDT_miRNA.gct
microRNA data, HL-60 differentiation HL60.gct
microRNA data, erythroid differentiation Erythroid.gct
mRNA data, for samples with both miRNA and mRNA data Common_Affy.zip
mRNA data, poorly differentiated tumors PDT_Affy.zip
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