Ultrasome: Efficient aberration caller for copy-number studies of ultra-high resolution

Bioinformatics (2009), in press.. Published: 2008.12.31

Bjorn Nilsson, Mikael Johansson, Fatima Al-Shahrour, Anne E. Carpenter, Benjamini L. Ebert

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Motivation: Multimillion-probe microarrays allow detection of gains and losses of chromosomal material at unprecedented resolution. However, the data generated by these arrays are several-fold larger than data from earlier platforms, creating a need for efficient analysis tools that scale robustly with data size. Results: We developed a new aberration caller, Ultrasome, that delineates genomic changes-of-interest with dramatically improved efficiency. Ultrasome shows near-linear computational complexity and processes latest-generation copy number arrays about 10,000 times faster than standard methods with preserved analytic accuracy. Availability: www.broad.mit.edu/ultrasome.


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Ultrasome homepage www.broad.mit.edu/ultrasome