Array of Hope

The Chipping Forecast (1999) Special Supplement. Nature Genet. 21:January 1999.. Published: 1998.12.31

Eric S Lander

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Genomics aims to provide biologists with the equivalent of chemistry's Periodic Table1 ? an inventory of all genes used to assemble a living creature, together with an insightful system for classifying these building blocks. A short decade ago, the task of enumeration alone appeared to many to be a quixotic quest. Whereas chemical matter is composed of a mere hundred or so elements, organismal parts lists are huge ? running into the thousands for bacteria and hundreds of thousands for mammals. Genomic mapping and sequencing, however, has steadily extended its dominion: it has domesticated the Megabase and will tame the Gigabase in the not?too?distant future.

Keywords: DNA microarray genomics