Gene Expression Correlates of Clinical Prostate Cancer Behavior

Cancer Cell: March 2002, Vol. 1.. Published: 2002.02.28

Dinesh Singh, Phillip G. Febbo, Kenneth Ross, Donald G. Jackson, Judith Manola, Christine Ladd, Pablo Tamayo, Andrew A. Renshaw, Anthony V. D'Amico, Jerome P. Richie, Eric S. Lander, Massimo Loda, Philip W. Kantoff, Todd R. Golub, William R. Sellers.

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Prostate tumors are among the most heterogeneous of cancers, both histologically and with respect to highly divergent clinical outcomes. We used oligonucleotide array-based expression analysis to determine whether global biological differences underlie common pathological features of prostate cancer and to identify genes that might prove useful in anticipating the clinical behavior of this common disease. Robust expression differences between tumor and normal samples allowed for the development of accurate class prediction models that were validated in an independent data set. While no expression correlates of age, serum PSA, and measures of local invasion were found, a set of 29 genes including multiple TGF-beta targets was identified that strongly correlated with the state of tumor differentiation (Gleason Score). Finally, a model built using the expression of 5-genes accurately predicted patient outcome following prostatectomy. These results, taken together, support the notion that the clinical behavior of prostate cancer is genetically determined, and that these genetic determinants, or markers thereof, are detectable at the time of diagnosis.

Keywords: gene expression oligonucleotide array oncology prostate cancer

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Prostate capsular penetration samples Prostate_CapPen_061901_allmeanscale.res
Prostate surgical margin samples Prostate_Margin_allmeanscale.res
Prostate outcome samples Prostate_nonrecur_vs_recur_scaled.res
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Prostate Tumor Sample CEL files (T01 - T30) (66M) prostate_tumor_T01-T30.CEL.tar.gz
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