Aviv Regev, Director
Dr. Regev and her group have been developing general methods for network reconstruction from yeast to human cells. Her role in the CEGS project is focused on creating both experimental and computational methods and using them to dissect several biological systems. 
Affiliation: Broad Institute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, HHMI

Nir Hacohen, Co-director
Dr. Hacohen has focused on developing and applying experimental methods to decipher cell circuits in immune cells. His group will focus on reconstructing immune circuits required for sensing pathogens using a combination of proteomics, transcriptomics and RNAi.
Affiliation: Broad Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School


Brad Bernstein
Dr. Bernstein is a pioneer in genome-wide profiling of epigenetic landscapes in mammalian cells. In this CEGS project, his group will systematically characterize the roles of chromatin modifiers in regulating epigenetic states in embryonic stem cells.
Affiliation: Broad Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Steve Carr
Dr. Carr is a leader in proteomics and mass spectrometry and is Director of the Broad Proteomics Platform. He will work with the group to develop new methods of discovering and monitoring post-translational modifications and to apply these technologies to biological systems studied in the CEGS.
Affiliation: Broad Institute

Eric Lander
Dr. Lander is a well-known leader in genomics and genetics. His role in the CEGS group will be to lead studies on the genome-wide analysis of lincRNAs in mouse and human cells.
Affiliation: Broad Institute, MIT

Erez Lieberman-Aiden
Dr. Lieberman Aiden used DNA sequencing to explore how the human genome folds and will continue to develop new biomolecular techniques in order to interrogate cellular circuitry.
Affiliation: Harvard University, Society of Fellows

Alex Meissner
Dr. Meissner is an expert in studying the role of methylation in cell differentiation.  His role in this project is to generate new stem cell models and reporter lines that will enable efficient dissection of the early re-wiring of cell circuits upon differentiation.
Affiliation: Harvard University Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology, Broad Institute

Hongkun Park
Dr. Park has invented a unique method for delivering biomolecules into any cell using silicon nanowires. His group will continue to develop this approach for manipulating as well as measuring cell states, and will work with the CEGS team to apply this technology to study cell circuits.
Affiliation: Harvard University, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology & Department of Physics, Harvard Stem Cell Institute, Harvard Center for Brian Science, Broad Institute

John Rinn
Dr. Rinn has discovered and functionally characterized some of the first mammalian large non-coding RNAs (lincRNAs). He is an Assistant Professor of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology at Harvard University and a Senior Associate Member of the Broad Institute.  His role in the CEGS is to decipher the roles of lincRNAs in embryonic stem cell renewal and differentiation as well as identify new RNA genes to unravel their roles in establishing cellular identity.
Affiliation: Harvard University Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology, Broad Institute

David Root
Dr. Root leads the RNAi Consortium and is the Director of the Broad Genetic Peturbation Platform. His group has created and will work with CEGS team members to apply genome-wide lentiviral RNAi libraries and tagged ORFs.
Affiliation: Broad Institute

Post-doctoral Fellows

Jellert Gaublomme | Regev Lab | Broad Institute 
Phillip Mertins | Proteomics Platform | Broad Institute
Arnon Arazi | Hacohen Lab | Broad Institute
Scott Younger | Rinn Lab | Broad Institute
Oren Ram | Bernstein Lab | MGH/Harvard

Graduate Students

Atray Dixit Regev Lab |  MIT
Michael Rooney | Hacohen Lab | MIT

Staff and Scientists

Robert Majovski | Scientific Advisor, Regev & Lander Labs | Broad Institute
Jane Lee | Administrative Operations Manager, Regev Lab | Broad Institute
Kristine Schwenck Project Coordinator, Regev Lab | Broad Institute
Raktima Raychowdhury | Research Associate, Hacohen Lab | Broad Institute
Tom Eisenhaure | Research Associate, Hacohen Lab | Broad Institute
Charles Epstein | Manager, Epigenomics Program | Broad Institute
Noam Shoresh | Senior Computational Biologist, Epigenomics Program | Broad Institute
Jeffrey Zhing | Research Associate, Epigenomics Program | Broad Institute
Danielle Tenen | Research Associate, Rinn Lab | Broad Institute
Andreas Gnirke | Director, Molecular Biology R&D, Broad Institute | Broad Institute
Rona Gertner | Research Staff, Park Lab | Broad Institute
Veronika Akopian | Research Assistant, Meissner Lab | Broad Institute
Pamela Russell | Associate computational biologist | Broad Institute
Sabah Kadri | Associate computational biologist | Broad Institute
Alexander Shishkin | Research Associate, Lander Lab | Broad Institute 

Affiliated Personnel

Manuel Garber | Associate Professor | Program in Molecular Medicine, Umass Medical School |

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