Strategies to discover regulatory circuits of the mammalian immune system.

Project: Aim 1, 3
Citation: Amit I, Regev A, Hacohen N
Journal: Nat Rev Immuno
Publication Date: Nov. 18 2011
Paper Name: Amit.2011.NRI.3109

Abstract: Recent advances in technologies for genome- and proteome-scale measurements and perturbations promise to accelerate discovery in every aspect of biology and medicine. Although such rapid technological progress provides a tremendous opportunity, it also demands that we learn how to use these tools effectively. One application with great potential to enhance our understanding of biological systems is the unbiased reconstruction of genetic and molecular networks. Cells of the immune system provide a particularly useful model for developing and applying such approaches. Here, we review approaches for the reconstruction of signalling and transcriptional networks, with a focus on applications in the mammalian innate immune system.

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