Number of Orthologs: 26Number of Taxa: 23
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Orthogroup Homologies
Homologous Orthogroups (HMMSEARCH): 21521 
Homologous Orthogroups (FASTA): 21521 
Outgroup Homologs: CC1G_01290T0
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S. cerevisiae YOR063W (RPL3) YGOB
S. paradoxus spar476-g5.1
S. mikatae smik812-g4.1
S. bayanus sbayc668-g54.1
C. glabrata CAGL0G02079g YGOB
S. castellii Scas648.15 YGOB
K. waltii Kwal55.21720 YGOB
K. lactis KLLA0F16511g YGOB
S. kluyveri SAKL0G00946g
A. gossypii ADR206W YGOB
C. lusitaniae CLUG03125
D. hansenii DEHA2B01804g
C. guilliermondii PGUG02539.1
C. tropicalis CTRG01867.3
C. albicans orf19.1601 (RPL3)
C. parapsilosis CPAG05187
L. elongosporus LELG02528
Y. lipolytica YALI0C21560g
A. nidulans AN6202
N. crassa NCU06843
S. japonicus SJAG01322
S. octosporus SOCG00627
S. pombe SPAPB8E5.06c (RPL302)
SPAC17A5.03 (RPL301)
YOR063W (RPL3) Protein component of the large (60S) ribosomal subunit, has similarity to E. coli L3 and rat L3 ribosomal proteins; involved in the replication and maintenance of killer double stranded RNA virus
orf19.1601 (RPL3) Putative ribosomal protein; similar to S. cerevisiae Rpl3p; gene induced by ciclopirox olamine treatment; genes encoding cytoplasmic ribosomal subunits are downregulated upon phagocytosis by murine macrophage
SPAPB8E5.06c (RPL302) 60S ribosomal protein L3
SPAC17A5.03 (RPL301) 60S ribosomal protein L3

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