Number of Orthologs: 23Number of Taxa: 21
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Orthogroup Homologies
Homologous Orthogroups (HMMSEARCH): 24425 
Homologous Orthogroups (FASTA): 24425 
Outgroup Homologs: CC1G_14820T0
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S. cerevisiae YML097C (VPS9) YGOB
S. paradoxus spar443-g26.1
S. mikatae smik552-g13.1
S. bayanus sbayc643-g5.1
C. glabrata CAGL0H06941g YGOB
S. castellii Scas626.8 YGOB
K. waltii Kwal27.9703 YGOB
K. lactis KLLA0D10263g YGOB
S. kluyveri SAKL0D00330g
A. gossypii ADL349W YGOB
C. lusitaniae CLUG04741
D. hansenii DEHA2A06446g
C. guilliermondii PGUG02060.1
C. tropicalis CTRG02784.3
C. albicans orf19.5533 (orf19.5533)
C. parapsilosis CPAG00425
L. elongosporus LELG04830
Y. lipolytica YALI0E32593g
S. japonicus SJAG02833
S. octosporus SOCG03272
S. pombe SPBC4F6.10 (VPS901)
SPBC29A10.11c (VPS902)
YML097C (VPS9) A guanine nucleotide exchange factor involved in vesicle-mediated vacuolar protein transport; specifically stimulates the intrinsic guanine nucleotide exchange activity of Vps21p/Rab5: similar to mammalian ras inhibitors; binds ubiquitin
SPBC4F6.10 (VPS901) guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor Vps901 (predicted)
SPBC29A10.11c (VPS902) guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor Vps902 (predicted)

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