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Homologous Orthogroups (HMMSEARCH): NONE
Homologous Orthogroups (FASTA): 22133  1598  2961  ... 
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S. cerevisiae YAR019C (CDC15) YGOB
S. paradoxus spar218-g3.1
S. mikatae smik1055-g4.1
S. bayanus sbayc553-g1.1
C. glabrata CAGL0C05005g YGOB
S. castellii Scas713.7 YGOB
K. waltii Kwal27.9763 YGOB
K. lactis KLLA0C04191g YGOB
S. kluyveri SAKL0C07722g
A. gossypii AER223C YGOB
C. lusitaniae CLUG05328
D. hansenii DEHA2C05060g
C. guilliermondii PGUG05284.1
C. tropicalis CTRG01654.3
C. albicans orf19.3545 (orf19.3545)
C. parapsilosis CPAG02120
L. elongosporus LELG00635
Y. lipolytica YALI0F08165g
A. nidulans AN4385
N. crassa NCU01335
S. japonicus SJAG04468
S. octosporus SOCG00145
S. pombe SPBC21.06c (CDC7)
YAR019C (CDC15) Protein kinase of the Mitotic Exit Network that is localized to the spindle pole bodies at late anaphase; promotes mitotic exit by directly switching on the kinase activity of Dbf2p
SPBC21.06c (CDC7) serine/threonine protein kinase Cdc7

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