Number of Orthologs: 10Number of Taxa: 9
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Orthogroup Homologies
Homologous Orthogroups (HMMSEARCH): 21366 
Homologous Orthogroups (FASTA): 21366 
Outgroup Homologs: NONE
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S. cerevisiae YML006C (GIS4) YGOB
S. paradoxus spar187-g2.1
S. mikatae smik567-g2.1
S. bayanus sbayc638-g5.1
C. glabrata CAGL0K07271g YGOB
S. castellii Scas714.55 YGOB
Scas717.34 YGOB
K. waltii Kwal47.18646 YGOB
K. lactis KLLA0A01782g YGOB
A. gossypii ADR198C YGOB
YML006C (GIS4) CAAX box containing protein of unknown function, proposed to be involved in the RAS/cAMP signaling pathway

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