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S. cerevisiae YOR067C (ALG8) YGOB
S. paradoxus spar476-g9.1
S. mikatae smik811-g2.1
S. bayanus sbayc668-g58.1
C. glabrata CAGL0L10450g YGOB
S. castellii Scas698.33 YGOB
K. waltii Kwal55.21742 YGOB
K. lactis KLLA0F16621g YGOB
S. kluyveri SAKL0G00836g
A. gossypii ADR210C YGOB
C. lusitaniae CLUG01060
D. hansenii DEHA2D17028g
C. guilliermondii PGUG00639.1
C. tropicalis CTRG02368.3
C. albicans orf19.1659 (ALG8)
C. parapsilosis CPAG05151
L. elongosporus LELG02822
Y. lipolytica YALI0A17512g
A. nidulans AN7301
N. crassa NCU00163
S. japonicus SJAG01950
S. octosporus SOCG04220
S. pombe SPAC17C9.07 (SPAC17C9.07)
YOR067C (ALG8) Glucosyl transferase, involved in N-linked glycosylation; adds glucose to the dolichol-linked oligosaccharide precursor prior to transfer to protein during lipid-linked oligosaccharide biosynthesis; similar to Alg6p
orf19.1659 (ALG8) Putative glucosyltransferase involved in cell wall mannan biosynthesis; transcription is elevated in nik1 and sln1 homozygous null mutants, but not in the chk1 null mutant
SPAC17C9.07 (SPAC17C9.07) glucosyltransferase Alg8

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