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About this tool

This tool ranks and picks candidate CRISPRa sgRNA sequences for the targets provided, while attempting to maximize on-target activity and minimizing off-target activity. For more information about the inputs and outputs of this tool, see How to use the GPP sgRNA Designer (CRISPRko) or How to use the GPP sgRNA Designer (CRISPRa/i).

On-target scoring is performed using the "Rule Set 2" method[1][2]. The current Microsoft implementation of this scoring model is Azimuth 2.0. Off-target sites are evaluated using the CFD (Cutting Frequency Determination) score. Please see How the sgRNA Designer Works for more details on these annotation strategies. For general discussion on sgRNA design, see Addgene.

For notes about revisions, updates, and bug fixes please see the GPP sgRNA Designer Changelog.


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