Gene Search Results 2: Clones Refine Your Search

sgRNA constructs matching to requested genes (CRISPRko, NGG PAM)

Matching is performed by first choosing a representative transcript for each gene, and then performing sequence matching for the full 20mer preceding an NGG PAM sequence. Since this method selects only a single transcript for each gene, it may miss some constructs that match other transcripts for the gene.

shRNA constructs with 100% match to requested genes

Matching is performed using the Specificity-Defining Region (SDR)[?] of the shRNAs. This list includes matches to any current transcript from a requested gene, regardless of what transcript the shRNAs were originally designed to target. For example, some shRNAs in this list may have been originally designed to target: (i) a transcript of an orthologous gene (in this collection, generally human-to-mouse or mouse-to-human), or (ii) a transcript of a different gene from the same or different taxon.

ORF constructs matching current transcripts from requested genes