Gene: Human LOC389286 (389286)

This gene has been discontinued and we have no replacement information available at this time.

shRNA constructs designed to target this gene

The following shRNA constructs were originally designed to target this discontinued gene.

Target Taxon[?] Target Gene ID Target Gene Symbol Clone ID Target Seq Vector Target Transcript Match Position Match Region[?] Intrinsic Score[?] Adjusted Score[?] Addgene[?]
1 human 389286 LOC389286 TRCN0000165470 GCACCGCCCTTAATCCATTTA pLKO.1 NM_001018022.1 109 CDS 13.200 n/a
2 human 389286 LOC389286 TRCN0000165057 GAGTGGACACAGCACATGTTT pLKO.1 NM_001018022.1 135 CDS 5.625 n/a
3 human 389286 LOC389286 TRCN0000163013 GCAACCATCCGATTTCTCAAT pLKO.1 NM_001018022.1 276 CDS 4.950 n/a
4 human 389286 LOC389286 TRCN0000161379 GCATCTGTTTAACAAAGCACA pLKO.1 NM_001018022.1 84 CDS 2.640 n/a
5 human 389286 LOC389286 TRCN0000162876 GTCTACTTCTATCCACACAGA pLKO.1 NM_001018022.1 251 CDS 2.640 n/a
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LOC389286 (389286)