CRISPR Vectors

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This page displays a summary of our currently available sgRNA/CRISPR vectors. If you cannot find information about a particular vector on this page it may have been discontinued, replaced, or redesignated. Please refer to our Discontinued and Redesignated Vector Page for details.

Please note that currently our sgRNA/CRISPR vectors are organized primarily by intended function or mechanism (such as CRISPRko versus CRISPRa), followed by those that require special delivery. Several of these vectors such as the CRISPRko Guide Only Vectors can be used for more than one function in a context-dependent manner, so please refer to the individual details pages for full capabilities and contact if you require instruction on how to use a vector in an alternate context.

FAQs addressing some of the terminology and usage of these CRISPR vectors can be found in the Help Section of this site.

If you are a lab affiliated with the Broad Institute, these vectors are available directly from the Genetic Perturbation Platform; please visit the Broad Community Site to request an aliquot. Non-Broad affiliated labs can obtain these vectors from Addgene.

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